August/September in the garden and on the allotment

from Sarah Booth at sportsmanscorner, 2020

sportsmanscorner garden_allotment August_September 2020
Cane+Rush at sportsmanscorner

Wondering how the Autumn_Winter months will play out, with some easing of restrictions but then more localised lockdowns being introduced. Dramatic and brilliant deep pink sunsets, bees buzzing around, delighting in the purple flowerheads of the artichokes. Salmon pink and soft yellow roses having a late second flowering. Dwarf green beans and a modest crop of cherries from the tree before the magpies and crows get them. Glorious hanging basket yet again with its rewarding display of pretty flowers. Red petals of the runner bean plants ensuring another crop of green beans for suppper time. Tall Holly Hocks in their splendour reaching up towards the sunshine. A potted pepper plant thriving in a sheltered suntrap with lots of expected peppers to harvest, all in the garden at sportsmanscorner and on the allotment close by.

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