Homewares & Baskets

I have made many items over the years, some have become my absolute favourites and some present new challenges but all are welcome. Experimenting with mixing up the materials is fun and interesting and I have made several items that have proved popular using combinations of all of these. The principles and techniques cross over and they all have similar weaves and patterns.

Cane+Rush Cane Baskets
Cane (centre cane/rattan)

I love the neatness of centre cane and continue to make many varied items, such as tiny favours baskets at weddings to an enormous Christmas tree skirt for an Orangery! The list is long.

  • kitchen table baskets
  • flower baskets
  • table & placemats
  • small containers
  • crossbody swing bags
  • favours baskets
  • Christmas tree skirts
Sarah Booth Rush Placemats

Working with rush is such a pleasure, it’s a very peaceful and mindful craft. It is both strong and pliable, with many useful items being made.

  • table and placemats 
  • round/oval and square 
  • small containers and bags 
  • seasonal decorations
Sarah Booth Willow Weaving

Being fairly new to willow, the strength and sturdiness of the material is amazing. I particularly like working with white willow combinations, as it somehow reminds me of Magnum ice cream lollies.

  • baskets
  • containers
  • hanging baskets
  • trivets 
  • seasonal decorations
Sarah Booth Homewares
Cane+Rush Homewares

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