Cane+Rush Seating

Continuing the craft ~ chair caning, rush seating, seagrass seating, so many interesting and lovely chairs to work on.

A few examples showing the cane and rush seating that I’ve recently undertaken. Each chair or stool is taken on its own merit as styles, shapes and size can vary so much.

For all seating enquiries it’s often best to email me first and ideally attach images of your chair seat (the top of the seat and the underneath) plus the size of the seat frame that needs re-caning or re-rushing. For chair caning it is also useful to have a count of the number of holes there are around the seat frame.

This gives me a starting point to working out what is required in terms of materials and time.  The quote is subject to seeing the actual chairs themselves. I can undertake repairs such as the re-setting of the stretchers and the placing back of the bands but I would have to assess the cost of the repairs once I have sight of the chairs.