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Cane seating & repairs, every chair unique. Challenging, fun, problem solving and interesting, each chair has a story to tell. Reflective, contemplative, memories.
This chair had to undergo various repairs before the caning could start. All the holes were completely bunged up with various glues and debris. The areas by both chair arms had deteriorated and had been filled in with some sort of resin filler in an attempt to secure the old cane. New slivers of wood were positioned and glued into place, all 4 corner struts were sanded down, and rescrewed back into position to support the frame of the chair. All new areas were stained to match the overall colour way of the chair. The stretchers were also re-glued and strengthened. I used a combination of No. 2 chair cane for all the verticals and horizontals and No. 3 chair cane to complete the diagonals. Finishing off with pegging, beading and couching.
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